I've been selling Electric Bicycles to bicycle stores for several years and it's great fun, I love my job!

Then one day it occurred to me that what I'm really selling is "Sustainable Transport".

So, I switched my vehicle to electric (BMW i3) and my home to a C02 Neutral provider.
So all my bikes and my "company car" run on 100% green electricity (well 99.9% of the time at least).

The upsides are:

- saving a ton of cash, about £300 per month vs my old diesel estate (accounting for all vehicle running costs)
- feeling good about what I'm doing
- having a really fast, fun and relaxing/quiet car to drive

The downsides:
- occasionally the charging network lets you down (but the petrol back up motor has only used £40 in 12 months, getting me to a charger that actually works)
- it's a bit of a squash moving and re-packing bikes inside, nowhere near as easy as a big diesel estate or van, of course

Overall, for the cost saving, driving experience and "feel-food-factor", I've found it worthwhile.

And if a "high mileage bike rep" can go electric, I figure anyone can... and I want to be a part of making that happen.
One day I hope to pull up at a Cycle Industry Trade Show and the whole car park will be full of electric vans and cars....
So, any questions, please get in touch, happy to help if you're thinking of going electric too.

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